Courageous Advocacy

We have named our seven classes after people who have inspired us and have made a positive impact on global communities. These people are known as Courageous Advocates’

‘Courageous Advocacy’, enables our school community to develop a greater awareness of the challenges others face in life and how they, as individuals, can support causes and make a difference in our school community, local community and further afield. We would like our children to experience the actions of courageous advocates who are committed to change things for the better, to be inspired to be advocates for positive change in our local, national and global communities.  

Courageous Advocate class names

Year 6 - Nelson Mandela

Year 5 - Ellen Macarthur 

Year 4 - Martin Luther King Junior

Year 3 - Rosa Parks

Year 2 - David Attenborough

Year 1 - Jacques Cousteau

Reception - Noah

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Year 6- Nelson Mandela – (Nicola and Matilda) ‘We are learning about Black History and the apartheid. Nelson Mandela was inspirational and he made a difference to lots of people lives. He worked hard to keep the peace between people and fought against racism and inequality. He wanted all people to be treated the same, it didn’t matter what colour their skin was or where they came from.’

Year 4 – Martin Luther King Junior - Martin Luther King Jr. was a man whose dream was that “all children would be friends,” Everybody will be treated as equal. (Iris)

Year 5 – Ellen Macarthur – (Macie and Dom) ‘ She is inspirational because she sailed around the world and she raises lots of money for charities, helping young people with cancer. Her charity is called the Ellen Macarthur Trust. She sailed around the world in 71 days, 18 hours, 17 minutes and 33 seconds raising money for her trust. She shows our value of Endurance when she competes in her races.’

Year 3 – Rosa Parks – linked in with our destination reader (Elsie) and it was her birthday last week (4th February). She is inspirational because she changed history for black people (Amber) she made it equal for black and white people to go to church together.   

Year 2 - David Attenborough – He really loves animals and he’s trying to save the planet from pollution. He’s trying to stop some animals becoming extinct. He inspires me because I really love animals too and I am going to litter pick on our beach to make sure the animals in our sea don’t get hurt.  (Santiago)

Reception – Noah – He was very caring and saved all the animals from the flood and his kindness inspires us. (Mila)

Year 1 – Jacques Cousteau – He is a man who loved being in the water and with all the animals in the sea and he made something that meant he could stay under water longer and take photos to show everyone the wonderful things that he saw. (Arthur)