Local Governing Body


The governance structure of the Trust is set out in DCAT's Scheme of Delegation which can be found here. A Transition Board is a model DCAT uses when schools are joining the Trust and/or where rapid improvement work is required. The benefits are the expertise of the group and their experience. The group provides clarity, pace and a strong foundation to move forward from. The long term plan is to move the governance arrangements to a Local Governing Body. 

The membership details are below. If you wish to contact the Transition Board or the Chair, Mandy Watson, please email Annie Park, Clerk to the Board apark@dcat.academy.

Transition Governing Board membership information can be found here. 

Transition Governing Board declarations of interest can be found here

Transition Governing Board attendance at meetings can be found here

A link to Trust structure and Statutory documents can be found here.