Vision and Values


What is our school vision?

At St Blasius C of E Primary Academy, we believe that with God's love, help and guidance, our pupils will develop curiosity, discover new interests and grow in their love of learning, enabling them to excel academically, socially and spiritually.

What is our Mission Statement?

We aim for the highest standards and our vision for each child is for them to


'Enjoy and achieve in life in all its fullness, following in the footsteps of Jesus'

'With God all things are possible' Matthew 19:26 

Working in partnership, we aim to embed these learning characteristics:


Aspiration             Opportunity          Confidence

How do we live our Christian Vision?

Our academy ethos is the Christian belief that all people are uniquely created by God and loved by God. Children's education should be personalised and inclusive, ensuring excellence for all.

Our Vision embeds our policies;

We expect consistency across the whole academy when dealing with issues of behaviour. Our aim is to work together through the living out day to day our Core Christian Values. We believe in highlighting positive behaviour, rather than dwelling on any negatives and encourage a mutually respectful environment. Do to others what you would have them do to you (Matthew 7:12). We want our pupils to feel safe, happy and confident in our loving caring Christian family. To know that we are all special and different and that God has created us in this unique way. 


The academy aims to ensure that;

  • Appropriate action is taken in a timely manner to safeguard and promote children's welfare.

  • All staff are aware of their statutory responsibilities with respect to safeguarding.

  • Staff are properly trained in recognising and reporting safeguarding issues.

What are our Christian Values?

The main Christian values that encapsulate the aims and vision of the academy are:

  • Wisdom to make good choices based on truth.​

'For Wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will fill you with Joy.' Proverbs 2:10-12

  • Endurance is recognition that life is sometimes difficult and to preserve through tough times.

'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.' Philippians 4:13​

  • Friendship is the foundation of relationships within our academy and wider community. Our friends can be the greatest source of love, healing, joy and encouragement.

'An honest answer is the sign of true friendship.' Proverbs 24:26​

What do we want our children to be?

We recognise that children at our school are not only unique and special but also that they face a variety of challenges in their lives. We want our children to be:

  • Aspirational, successful learners

  • Confident individuals

  • Responsible citizens

We seek to develop an awareness of the wider world and community and to broaden horizons through first-hand and practical experiences in order to enable us to become successful, tolerant and open-minded citizens who show wisdom in their actions and choices. 

Our Intent

Religious Education lessons at St Blasius will develop their knowledge and understanding of Christianity as a living world faith to consider the impact and connection that Christianity has on Britain's cultural heritage and the lives of people worldwide. They will be encouraged to explore the big questions of life, meaning and purpose and to think theologically. Pupils will have knowledge and understanding of other major world religions, engaging thoughtfully with other faiths and traditions. They will reflect on their own religions, spiritual and/or philosophical convictions, developing a sense of themselves as unique and precious.



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