Godly Play

Godly Play is a very different, but amazingly engaging, creative and imaginative method for exploring our Christian faith and heritage.

It is not about learning lessons, keeping children entertained or telling children what they need to know. Children have the opportunity to wonder and to explore meaning  for themselves.

It’s about experiencing and exploring the sacred stories of God’s people, of knowing Jesus through his life and his parables and understanding the way in which we approach God through liturgical action.

Godly play assumes that children (and adults) are individuals, with different needs. That we all have different ways to learn and that play is important in all our learning.

Godly Play creates a safe and open space, allowing children the opportunity to explore and develop an understanding of God.

Godly Play has been developed over many years (since the 1960's). The well-tested story scripts are based on the bible and say only what needs to be said.

The emphasis is on simplicity, getting to the essence of the story rather than 'exciting' elaboration. The silence and gestures are as important and powerful as the words

The Godly Play Advent Story

During the period of Advent, the children and staff of St Blasius get ready for Christmas using Godly Play. 


Each of the 4 weeks of Advent focuses on different characters who can "show us the way to Bethlehem". Each story builds on the last, until we have the complete story for Christmas Day. 


A Godly Play session creates quiet, contemplative space amid the business and excitement of the the build up to Christmas - a chance to wonder about and to explore the mystery and true meaning of Christmas.

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